AMC & Other Competitions

American Mathematics Competition - 2021

  • Dhairya obtained Rank 1 at school level and a group rank of 58, with the the score of 85.5% (India) 
  • He  was also placed 2nd at school level and 3rd at the group level in the American Mathematics Competition 12 with the score of 84%, bringing laurels to his school (UAE)

Olympiads And Competitions:

National Level Olympiads:

  • Dhairya was ranked 2nd in school in the Science Olympiad conducted by the Science Olympiad Foundation (2020)
  • He Secured a percentile of 79.94 in the International Mathematics Olympiad, Grade 9 (2018 - 2019) 

School Level Competitions:

  • Dhairya secured the 2nd position in the Inter-house Mathematics Speed Test competition (2020)
  • His team was placed in the 1st position in the inter-house Mathematics quiz competition (2020)