Water Clock

An Observational Study on The Construction And Functions of a Water Clock: Research Under Norman W. Lowney, Ph.D., F AIChE (2020-2021) 

  • Dhairya examined the workings of a water clock and attempts to formulate alternatives while retaining the basic principles of Torricelli's law 
  • He brainstormed alongside Prof. Norman Lowney, attempting to understand the relative influence of various parameters arising in an electrolysis process 
  • He also covered the history of water clocks, their types and the apparatus required to model the functioning prototype; provided a detailed explanation of the procedure undertaken for the construction of the alternate model 

Thereafter, he concluded with showcasing observations measured through 18 different readings, tabulated through charts and graphs

The complete research article was selected and published in the International Journal of Advanced Research (IJAR) which can be viewed at - https://bit.ly/3ygOkgg