Online Course


Last year, Dhairya pursued the ‘Python with Prutor’ course under the tutelage of Prof. Amey Karkare, of the Computer Science Engineering department at the reputed IIT Kanpur. During this online course, he undertook the study of various concepts like the programming cycle of Python, elements of Python, various operators that are available in Python programming, and other such topical work with Faculty Support and Virtual Lab facilities. Additionally, he studied advanced programming concepts, including inheritance, introduction to iterators, recursion, the concept of searching, sorting, and the Tower of Hanoi.


This year, the World Environment Day had focused on ecosystem restoration and its theme is “Reimagine. Recreate. Restore.” In this context, Clean Air Asia is focused on the Restoration of Air i.e. Clean Air for Cities/ betterment of Air Quality. Clean Air Asia joined forces with the youth to reimagine, recreate and restore the air around us and hence protect a major component of our ecosystem and help save our planet.

The objective of this event is to engage the youth power of our country to share their best ideas on how they can restore the air of their city. Youth can prepare a youth action plan for air for their city to act and recreate. Dhairya attended this workshop and shared his understanding of concept and also proposed many innovative ideas to achieve clean air for the city.

He further propagated and shared his learnings with students of various government schools in Delhi ncr .