If there is one field that Dhairya shines in, it is sports. Born to play, he has an affinity towards action-packed, vigorous games, and is a natural with most sports. He has always demonstrated a quick grasp over anything in this field that he has chosen to pick up- and there have been several.

His achievements in sports are as follows:


  • Selected to represent team at the inter-academy Adidas Creators Lawn Tennis Tournament, and qualified for the quarter finals in Under 16 (2019) 
  • Conferred with the ‘Proficiency Award’ in Lawn Tennis by Vasant Valley School for successfully representing school in competitive tournaments (2019) 
  • As part of the school’s team, secured 1st position at the zonal level Lawn Tennis tournament (2019) 


  • Attended the summer camp organized by Les Elfes International in Zermatt, Switzerland, for two consecutive seasons (2018, 2019)
  • Graduated to level 3 in Skiing by partaking rigorous assessments and showcasing appropriate toe pressure technique and timing