Family Background

Fostered in an affluent business family of New Delhi, he has been brought up with stern ethics and an inherent commitment to steady success and growth. Informally trained in aspects of book-keeping, accountancy, human resources, manufacture, and sales on-the-go, he has been a part of dining room conversations on stock prices, business expansion, ethical business handling, and most importantly, an organic, yet strong dedication towards time and effort.

His family background has added to more than his personality or outlook towards life. Considering that his extended family is quite actively involved in philanthropic pursuits, it was only natural for Dhairya to imbibe these traits and efforts. For instance, his grandparents on both sides of the family have been extensively involved in acts of welfare, aimed towards the lesser-privileged communities. Aside from this, the little things/thoughts/gestures demonstrated by the family have always been accounted as essential by Dhairya- whether it be having a water cooler outside their house throughout the year for public use, or distribution of blankets to street vendors during the winter months. In particular, during the Covid-19 pandemic, the entire family came together to assist sections of the society that were worst hit. In this initiative, they arranged oxygen cylinders and hospital beds, and accumulated funds and medicines